Bags recycled plastic fiber




Eco Sak is a brand born from the need to provide jobs to women in extreme poverty in Peru. According to Peru’s National Statistics Institute, the unemployment rate for women in Lima is 52% as of 2018. After four years of working on different programs to help provide support, the perfect solution came from a gift! My Sister gave me a great beach bag (my fav black & white bag), from that moment on, I went on a journey to learn how my beach bag could change the lives of an entire community. In 2018, we traveled through out Mexico and Peru to meet a group of amazing people and together we created Eco sak

Bags recycled plastic fiber


Bags recycled plastic fiber


Eco Sak now makes purses, bags, and totes from recycled plastic. Approximately 70% of the plastic we use comes from recycled plastic bags, clear water bottles, and plastic industrial waste. This plastic is turned into small pieces, melted, colored, and turn into a ribbon. We use this ribbon to hand-weave each bag using a wood frame. It can take up to 8 hours to make one large Eco Sak.


Bags recycled plastic fiber


Our Eco Sak workshop in Villa Maria del Triunfo, Peru @asociacionbienaventuranzas, supports women in extreme poverty. Some women have never had a job before because they have disabled children and have been collecting plastic in their local areas to support their families. We have worked to give these women another opportunity by providing them with free training in the making of our bags, transportation to and from our facilities, and in some cases, a clean and safe place to live. We are very proud that we pay three times the regular wages in Peru for their time and energy. We hope to train more women and create a network of financially independent ladies who will run their businesses in the future.


We love to play with traditional Peru local creativity, materials and techniques and transform them into contemporary pieces. We are motivated and inspired by design and how it shapes our lives.

Peru is full of vibrant colors, combinations and contrasts. Our country is our main source of inspiration.  We look forward to capturing its  essence and  portraying it through our products. We respect and love our tradition, local history and cultural richness!


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